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Autocad Franchise Opportunities

Looking for an Autocad franchise opportunity? Start your own CAD training franchise with Caddex and become a part of the fast-growing CAD industry. Our Autocad franchise opportunities include:

  • Comprehensive training for beginners and advanced users
  • Industry-standard software and hardware
  • Marketing and business development support
  • Continuous updates and improvements

With Caddex, you can start your own Autocad franchise and build a successful business in the CAD industry. As a part of our franchise network, you will receive ongoing support and training to help you grow and succeed.

Contact us today to learn more about our Autocad franchise opportunities and start your own CAD training franchise with Caddex.

CADDEX is Registered Brand ®

Caddex is registered trademark with govt of india – Trademark no- 3156654

MSME (Govt of India) Reg Brand

msme registered with govt of india

ISO 9001 Registered

ISO 9001 registered company.
ukab accreditation


Reason why CADDEX is the preferred training partner for more than 35+ partners across the country…

Industry Leaders
NO Royalty Model
CADDEX Online Portal
Placements (Job portal)
Dedicated Support
High Rate Of Interest
Recession free Business
CADDEX Wide Network
3 MONTHS Incubation Period
Designed Course Curriculum
About CADDEX Franchise | Cad Franchise | Autocad Franchise in india

About – CADDEX Franchise 

CADDEX is an Authorized CAD/CAM/CAE, Multimedia & Project Management company. In existence for over 10 years we offer end to end solutions in CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).
We conduct ourselves and our business to empower individuals and narrow socio economic divide.

Our Vision is…
To develop CADDEX as a global leader in training, knowledge empowerment and consultancy.

Our Mission is
To help our CADDEX franchisees achieve extraordinary business results for their clients and for themselves by continually improving the brand’s reputation for excellence in content, delivery and franchisee support.

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What We Offer

CADDEX Franchise offers Interior Design , CAD/CAM/CAE  and More

we offer all the services in franchise -Interior Design , CAD/CAM/CAE ,Design & Multimedia, Project Management ,Computer /IT, Digital marketing

 Why Franchise with CADDEX

Why to Choose CADDEX ?

• 10 Years of Industry presence.
• No Royalty business model.
• Multiple Revenue streams under one brand.
• Higher Return on Investment.
• Recession Free Business.
• 100% Job Oriented Courses.
• Internationally Recognized Certifications.
• End to End Support on Infrastructure, Manpower, Marketing & Training.
• Access to cloud based CADDEX Institute Management System.

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Very happy to note that CADDEX has presented me a very good opportunity to reach out to a large section student community looking to upgrade their skills and achieve placement. This has added lot of value to our target audience. Thank you CADDEX


CADDEX training offerings do have a good market acceptance and the model has been very successful. I have readily accepted the new opportunity and happy with my decision”


CADDEX training offerings do have a good market acceptance and the no royalty /feesmodel has been very successful in my place by the guidance from caddex team


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